We would be stuck without the cannabis facility I invested in

I own a cannabis dispensary & I absolutely must say that we are making a killing right now.

  • I am happy that I made the choice to invest in a current cultivation facility before this whole pandemic caught everybody off guard.

I wanted to make sure I had a nice amount of cannabis product in stock on a regular basis for the growing cannabis community. I wasn’t even thinking about a pandemic shutting everything down around us, who could have predicted something like this in our country? I thought it might be excruciating for business, however all of us have been advertising our contact-free cannabis delivery services. Everybody sincerely loves it especially since all of us have same-day delivery as long as they order prior to 3pm. If they order after that particular time, all of us will just deliver the cannabis products the following day. Because all of us have been given essential status by the government, all of us can deliver cannabis products to medical cannabis patients & recreational clients. Also thanks to our current cannabis facility, we are keeping up with a good supply of cannabis flowers. When the pandemic messed us up, unfortunately, several growers were impacted severely. At this time, most of our cannabis products are coming from our own cannabis growing warehouse. If I had not invested in that cannabis facility, I would not be making a good amount of currency because I would have surely run out of cannabis products by now! Every one of us also has been selling out with cannabis growing equipment because it seems that everybody wants to start growing cannabis during this uncertain situation. Nobody wants to be left without their cannabis during times like this, & all of us are doing our best to keep up with the growing demand of the people!

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