The consumption method has a massive effect on the experience of the THC high

When I first tried marijuana well over 10 years ago, it was through smoking a rolled joint that one of my friends brought on the car ride to a concert.

  • I think it might have been weak cannabis because I didn’t really feel “high” in the sense that I had been anticipating.

I didn’t get the full experience until a month later when another friend offered me hydroponic weed through a small pipe. At the time I had no idea that it was much stronger marijuana, like three times as strong as the first batch. I was soaring in my mind while wandering around his parents’ house in the dark. It was this night when I finally realized the power and wonder of consuming marijuana. As I got older and was able to experiment with differ consumption methods, I learned how different the experience of the plant can be with one method versus another. The perfect example is cooking and eating cannabis. Sometimes you lose cannabinoids during the heating process, but you’re also decarboxylating the psychoactive components so they can be absorbed in your digestive tract. There is also the difference between vaporizing marijuana and combusting it in a pipe, bong, or joint. My local cannabis dispensary offers discounts on vaporizers if you shop and earn so many points after a certain number of purchases. The dispensary recommends vaporization because it bypasses the negative health effects of combustion. A lot of tar is inhaled when combusting any plant matter, regardless of whether or not it’s tobacco or clean and organic marijuana. After I bought a vaporizer from the local cannabis dispensary, I could finally experience the wonders of terpenes and extra cannabinoids. I could finally vape on low temperatures!

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