Some cannabis dispensaries are making an effort against plastic for recycling

I worry occasionally that I use and buy too much plastic products.

I try to recycle whatever I can, however it’s daunting when you start looking at all of the packaging and materials that can’t be recycled. I looked over our grocery cart the other day, just to analyze how much of the packaging materials cannot be recycled. Needless to say, the sheer degree of unrecyclable materials is spine-chilling. I do not know how anyone is supposed to erase their carbon footprint in a world that is so full of plastics at every turn! I have quit using the plastic grocery bags at the store, and at the truly least I’ve noticed that some stores are using thinner bags or ones made with degradable plastic. It’s a small step, however at least it’s a step in the right direction. I have heard more than 3 people criticize the cannabis dispensaries around the country for contributing to the pollution problem with all of their non-recyclable plastic packaging. A few of the dispensaries use glass jars for some of their products that they can, however others have everything from pre-rolled joints to tinctures in small plastic tubes. Those at the truly least be recycled, however there are plastic labels with paper and glue connected that can’t be recycled. The bags they give you with all of your products inside are made from the same plastic in the bags at the grocery store. However, some of the cannabis dispensaries have improved to some extent. My cannabis delivery order yesterday came in a paper basket and all of the products were in recyclable glass jars. I’m cheerful to see the cannabis dispensaries are making an effort to reduce pollution.



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