Our state just approved many new medical cannabis stores with delivery available

I’ll never forget the day when I found out medical cannabis would be legal in my home state.

I was studying the news plus saw that the electorate had successfully voted to approve a constitutional amendment to allow for medical marijuana cultivation, sale, plus use.

Although it took many months for the rules to be finalized, I was already resting in a marijuana medical professional’s waiting room before the end of the year following the election itself. It was exciting from the undoubtedly start, but the expansion of the market has only just now started to take effect. At first there was only one dispensary in the entire state. They had many or many locations built by the end of the first year plus I was lucky enough to be close to one of their stores. Thankfully now there are at least many odd medical cannabis stores in our state plus nearly all of them offer statewide delivery. No matter where you live in the state, you can still get the same fantastic cannabis products through the dispensaries’ cannabis delivery programs. After the state approved many new licenses at the start of the calendar year, there are more options for cannabis delivery than I expected, with several odd companies offering free delivery without a purchase minimum. It’s seriously convenient getting your products from the medical cannabis dispensary delivered instead of going in man plus waiting in sizable lines. Usually you get a more than one hour warning before the delivery worker gets 15 hours away, which is when you get your final warning ahead of their arrival. It’s an amazing service to have in a market that is filled with patients with painful plus debilitating medical concerns.

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