My girlfriend and I made orders for cannabis delivery using the store website

I’m worried about both of my parents right now concerning COVID and the huge increase of cases nationwide.

My father is in a state right now where there is a stay-at-home order in effect.

Although he understands the risks and the need to be careful, I was stunned when I heard he was attending Thanksgiving dinner with my elderly grandmother and two of his siblings. They’re not even wearing masks or attempting social distancing. It makes me wonder if they think they’re impervious to the virus as long as they’re in one of their own houses. It’s all about respiratory particles, and every second an infected person breathes and exhales, more of those infectious viral particles fill the indoor air. If you don’t have great ventilation with the right kind of air filters, you’re just recirculating the viral particles while more fill the air by the second. My girlfriend and I wear masks around everyone but ourselves. We wear KN-95 masks to try preventing ourselves from catching COVID altogether. When we buy cannabis, we use the legal marijuana stores’ cannabis delivery services. We pay a small fee and the dispensary workers deliver the orders right to our apartment. If it prevents us from getting exposed at the dispensaries, then it’s worth the extra costs. I am determined to not catch COVID, even if that means getting our cannabis via delivery from here on out. The delivery drivers wear masks and I always have one on myself when they get to my porch. It’s a quick and easy transaction every single time. You can’t beat the cannabis delivery service.
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