My aunt uses a legal recreational weed delivery service

I’ve consistently known that our aunt Bess mokes weed. It’s been a single 1 of those family secrets for as long as I can recall. I suppose it makes our mom annoyed so he refuses to help our aunt Bess get his marijuana, my aunt Bess is not well. She can’t do much for herself anymore. I suppose he gets his food, pills, and groceries all delivered to his home. My mom helped his get that all set up. However, I knew our mom would definitely not help our aunt Bess get the weed delivery setup. That’s why I was surprised to find that our aunt Bess has his cannabis products every time I come to visit. She’s not shy about smoking in front of me. I asked about how he was getting his weed and he told myself and others he has using a weed delivery service. I assumed that meant a local company handed him some marijuana in a very shady type of deal. I didn’t love that thought at all. Not when our aunt is as vulnerable as he is right now. So I told his to let myself and others know what he needed and I would get his marijuana for her. But he assured myself and others that everything is 100% above board. She’s using a legal recreational cannabis delivery service. She even went so far as to pull out the bag that the weed comes in and a corporation card or the weed delivery service. I searched them on our cell iphone and was delighted to see that they are in fact a legal cannabis delivery service. I recognize so munich better knowing that now. I don’t don’t mind that our aunt Bess uses some recreational marijuana. I would too if I were in his shoes. I just didn’t want his dealing with shady folks.

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