Keeping up with the cannabis demands of the people during this pandemic

I own a cannabis dispensary and I really must say that business is booming right now.

I really am glad that I decided to invest in a new cultivation facility before this whole pandemic started. I wanted to make sure I had a good amount of cannabis product in stock regularly for the growing cannabis community. I wasn’t thinking about a pandemic shutting everything down, who could have predicted something like that? I thought it might be bad for business, but we have been advertising our new contact-free cannabis delivery. Everybody really loves it especially since we have same-day delivery as long as they order before 3pm. If they order after that time, we will just deliver the cannabis products in the morning hours. Because we have been given essential status by the government, we are able to deliver cannabis products to medical cannabis patients and recreational consumers. Also thanks to our new cannabis facility, we are pushing out a lot of good cannabis buds. When the pandemic hit, unfortunately, many of our growers were impacted. At this time, most of our cannabis products are coming from our own cannabis growing facility. If I had not invested in that cannabis facility, I would not be making so much money because I would have run out of cannabis products by now! We also have been selling out with cannabis growing supplies because everybody wants to start growing cannabis so they can stock up on supply. Nobody wants to be without their cannabis during this time, and we are doing our best to keep up with the growing demand of the people!



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