It’s nice to get a free pack of papers and a lighter each time I buy more marijuana

I’m amazed at how expensive butane lighters are these days.

Even the name brand lighters seemed to be cheaper when I was a kid, regardless of whether it was a small lighter or a longer ones used to light grills.

I have tried to buy and use refillable lighters, but I have had mixed results with the ones I have tried. I don’t know if there is some trick to getting the butane in the lighter efficiently, but it seems like I leak the gas all over the room when I try to fill a tiny palm sized lighter. It gets all over my hands before evaporating a second or two later. It can get so cold that you can get a tiny bit of frostbite on your skin if it’s in direct contact with the nozzle as the gas is blasting out at full speed. Regardless of whether I’m lazy or just clumsy, I’d rather just buy prefilled lighters instead of trying to refill my own. I smoke a considerable amount of cannabis flower every week so I am in constant need of at least one or two lighters at any given moment. The last thing I want to do is realize I lost my only lighter when I desperately need to light up. My favorite cannabis dispensary is now giving all of their customers a free lighter and a pack of rolling papers if you spend at least $50 with each order. It’s great being able to use a butane lighter without having to spend the money to buy them myself. And the best part is that they are a good brand name lighter that was simply rebranded with the dispensary’s logo. You’re getting the same lighter for free that costs $3 at the gas station.

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