It’s nice seeing what they have online before visiting the cannabis shop

It took a long while for online retailers to start offering live inventory for stores in our region.

You could order a product off Walmart’s website as well as get it from their distribution center, however you couldn’t actually check to see if that same product was available in your local store.

Home Depot is so diligent in this regard with their aisles featuring numbers as well as codes at varying sites on the shelves to make finding a product extremely easy. I can instantly tell whatever products are out of stock in our store as well as then compare to stores in the area. If I can’t find it at a certain store, I can usually find what I’m looking for at a completely different store nearby. I never believed that I would have this luxury with cannabis after our state passed legalization numerous years ago. Most of the cannabis dispensaries have menus online that are continuously replaced throughout the day as orders are made as well as filled inside the shop. It’s extremely helpful because I can get a good idea of what sort of strains are available before I make the drive to the cannabis dispensary. Once you use cannabis for a long while, you will tend to gravitate towards particular strains with certain terpenes. If I can find OG Kush or Skywalker OG at a local dispensary, I know I’m in for a lovely experience. The other thing I care about with live online inventory is the ability to select products as well as make orders through the website. A majority of the dispensaries near myself and others give you a few options. The quickest way to get your order is to head inside the store through the express kiosk line. Otherwise, you will have to pay a $15 fee to get your cannabis delivered to your door.



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