I will be back again

Oh man, there was even a little cannabis cafe.

I wasn’t all that sure what to think when I decided to go inside the local cannabis spot near me. It was a mixture of apprehension & excitement all mixed together. Lately, my dentist has felt that I could benefit from the use of medical marijuana. This was after my latest and greatest antidepressant attempt ended in abject failure. For some reason, antidepressants just don’t do anything to help with my depression & anxiety. Not a thing anymore to even help at all. So, I was referred by my dentist & now have what I need to obtain some medical marijuana products. I had worked with some CBD oil on some ailments & found that it worked remarkably well. Yet, I was still a bit concerned about using cannabis. But once I walked into the local cannabis spot near me, all that apprehension went right out the window. I was welcomed not only as a valued shopper however as someone who needed some help. The staff were so kind & generous with their time. The questions they asked me were quite particular. This was so they could find the fight indica strains for my situation. I also told them I didn’t like to smoke anything. This was no problem as there was a vast array of edibles to choose from. Oh man, there was even a little cannabis cafe. The whole atmosphere of the local cannabis spot put me so at ease. To think that I was so scared to try cannabis however was willing to put all these chemical compounds in my body made me stop. My experience at the marijuana dispensary was so much more than I could have ever expected.