I don’t like long lines, so I order online before going to the cannabis dispensary

I was extremely spoiled with our local cannabis dispensary when I was actually one of the first legal medical patients in the state’s medical marijuana registry.

At the time it was just myself and roughly 10,000 other patients who had been accepted into the medical cannabis program.

It was newly developing and only a handful of companies had been awarded licenses from the state to grow, process, and sell different types of cannabis products. We were actually restricted to only vaporizer cartridges, capsules, and distillate syringes. Still, it was pretty amazing to take a peaceful drive to the local cannabis dispensary, get checked in immediately, and then be able to browse the selections. I could browse whatever strains they had at the time in their selection of vaporizer cartridges. You pretty much get a little pen sized battery that powers the cartridges and allows you to vaporize the cannabis in its oil form. The dispensaries would take the distillate oil that was sold in various syringes and then easily cut it with something food grade to dilute it and make it far less thick so it would be capable of vaporization. The difference now is that a bunch of cannabis products are available at the cannabis dispensaries in our area, despite the fact that I always face really lengthy lines if I don’t make an online order off their website before leaving the residence. If I’m smart about when I check the menu and place cannabis orders, I can often find what I’m looking to get before it sells out. And when I get to the cannabis dispensary I can go through the fast line to pick up my online order and exchange currency.