Edibles come to our cannabis dispensary

Patients in this state will now be able to purchase marijuana edibles at the local cannabis dispensary.

A new bill was signed into law last week which allows cannabis dispensaries to sell edible marijuana treats. Since medical marijuana was legalized several years ago, the laws have slowly changed to accommodate the needs of every patient. Four years after voters legalized medical marijuana, the Department of Health finally provided necessary rules and regulations for edible products. Regulations were delayed, but slowly and steadily the state has come up with legislation and laws to protect the business and the consumer. Newly signed edible cannabis laws is a huge change, but many dispensary owners have been anxiously awaiting the rules. The department of health will now allow dispensaries to offer several different types of edible products that are made from cannabis. They cannot be in brightly colored packages and they cannot resemble any candy that is available commercially on the market. Each piece is limited to 10mg of cannabis. Unlike inhalants, edibles take longer to absorb and the reaction time can be up to an hour. Stacking is a problem that occurs when patients ingest too many edibles because the effects take longer to feel. In order to keep patients from overdosing, the packages will clearly state the dosage and warning. One of the first products to be approved is a gummy edible called Trugels. Made by the state’s largest medical cannabis provider, this cannabis infused treat comes in different flavors such as blue raspberry, grape, and cherry. In 2019, medical marijuana sales in this state totaled around 500 million. This year, the projected number will be closer to 1 billion dollars. The department of health will now approve drinks, chocolate, lozenges, and baked goods and that means that next year’s numbers will be even higher.
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