We had a good time with marijuana products

Somehow in my circle of friends, we have stayed close through the years.

My friends and I met in class plus bonded over tennis.

The group of us all work, have animals, girlfriends plus things I enjoy. However, the group has managed to stay quite close to each other. Once a month the people I was with and I make sure to get together. One night my friends and I were all celebrating at our house when some news came out. My buddy Tom got a job managing a local cannabis dispensary that had opened up. They do medicinal and recreational weed. All users were allowed since marijuana had been legalized, but Tom saw reason not to bring his supply to our get together. They night got to be really crazy with edibles. He brought an excellent selection with him, including pot laced cookies plus section cakes, however also some giant juicy gummy pieces that looked amazing. My buddy is marijuana seller, in fact his regular job title is manager of budtender sales, plus he takes his title quite seriously. My buddy went over each of the products in nice detail, so all of us would have an idea of what the effects would be like, plus how strong each kind of product was. My buddy was excited for us to try the stuff plus see how the people I was with and I liked his dispensary items. I selected a pot cookie smothered in THC infused cocoa, because it literally made our mouth water. It was a undoubtedly memorable evening.

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Noticing more rudeness

Have people been crueler lately due to the virus? Finding good people and kind people have been rare.

I have seen so many people who are mean plus being unkind to others.

The retail workers are crueler than normal plus the clients are not as forgiving. I have listened to so many people ask to speak to a boss to report awful service from a minimum wage clerk. I have had a few awful people come into our shop a few times before, which is sort of a shock considering what I do. It turns out that some snobby people smoke pot, so it makes sense they would come to a nice, locally owned and working cannabis dispensary. It’s neat because I thought all the people would be in a happy mood buying recreational marijuana. You are coming to have a nice time or to find relief for a medical issue. Shouldn’t you be in a great mood? Thankfully I haven’t had any yelling, screaming or large issues. The worst I have gotten is a man concerned about prices plus not pleased with the items. If I was high at work it might be the tipping point into a screaming match. Of course nobody is permitted to partake while on shift at the cannabis dispensary. So I’m really able to handle any purchaser complaints, and don’t get me wrong, it is not all horrible. There are some really great clients that suppose the items they want, make nice conversation plus leave.

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Getting delivery isn’t too hard

Growing up I hoped to be on the radio.

Now as an adult I can do my own radio show, which is about as close as it comes.

Radio people aren’t what they used to be, they just host pre-programmed music and run commercials on air. I hoped for a freeform show that shows my personality, thoughts, plus opinions. Of course there were roughly millions of podcasts out there, so it’s difficult to find a topic that is interesting plus to get people to want to listen. For myself, it was a no brainer, especially since I work for a cannabis shop. I can use it as a way to promote our business as well. The virus has us all messed up. I have been trying to be creative in promoting our cannabis dispensary. Instituting the cannabis delivery driver program was the 1st step. It allowed us to take orders through our phone and deliver it the same evening. Next, I started the cannabis podcast as a way to get the word out there about this nice drug. I wanted people to suppose fine driving a car filled with weed. And if you have been using cannabis already you easily should never get behind the wheel of a car. None of that is an issue at all, because our cannabis delivery drivers handle everything, including no contact service. Online payment means no cash is going in hands either, so it is literally the best way to get your pot.

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I am able to get delivery

I have been having a really tough week, and I was hoping it was over.

It might just be getting started.

Terrible news consistently comes in periods, doesn’t it? Things have easily been pretty great since the social distancing started, until last month. My boss announced pressing cutbacks. Instead of mass firings, they cut half of us back to part-time until the lockdown ends, who knows when that will finish? Then our truck quit, plus I mean I quit for good, needing a whole new transmission. I wasn’t going to do that for our old car. I had been looking ahead to going to see the cannabis dispensary, something I do once a week, plus that was denied to me as well. I returned to our little apartment, jobless about not having any cannabis to soothe our worried nerves. Then I pulled up the website for the cannabis dispensary on our iPhone and saw something that started to deliver me hope. They were giving cannabis delivery on recognizable buys, partially in response to the COVID pandemic increasing all the rules for business. The minimum order for the no cost cannabis delivery was about two times our normal budget, but seeing as how these were neat circumstances I went ahead plus did it. It took around an hour to come, and I had to deliver the cannabis delivery driver a tip, as well. At least I now have a nice arrangement of pot for the next couple weeks!


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The idea of DIY cannabis farming with my close friend is exciting

I share a house with my old college roommate.

We got along so well in undergraduate school that we decided to find a house after graduation that we could share.

There’s a large backyard with plenty of space to grow plants and flowers. I was surprised when my friend told me that he was an amateur gardener during junior high school. Although I lacked his hands on skills, I too loved growing plants back in my adolescence. We immediately made plans to start our own small garden. He knows how to care for vegetable plants from when he plants the seeds to the moment they hit your dinner plate. Since my limited experience was with growing flowers, I volunteered to take care of those plants myself. But what excited us more than anything else was the prospect of growing cannabis. I had always wanted to get into cannabis farming on a small scale since weed prices in our state are fairly high. My roommate agreed and claimed that he had been waiting to try his hand at growing marijuana until he was living somewhere that allowed him to do it outside in natural sunlight. We immediately got to work with digging and tilling our new garden after we got seeds and plants at the landscaping store. When our specially ordered cannabis seeds arrived in the mail, we couldn’t wait to get them into the ground. Hopefully our DIY cannabis farming operation works out for the two of us. If we could save the expense of buying marijuana from dispensaries it will make it worth the effort and initial expense.


Starting a grow house

I recommend climate controlled facilities only for large commercial grow rooms

My old boss has decided to put the small amount of money that he inherited from his father’s estate to start a new side business.

He’s living in a state that has a small but growing cannabis cultivation industry.

Many states have markets that are nearly locked among a small handful of vertically integrated companies that run their whole cultivation processes from seed to sale. Trying to get into these markets without tens of millions of dollars is foolhardy to say the least. Even companies that are spearheaded by one or two visionaries will often get consumed by a larger conglomerate whenever that company first sees success. The playing field is full of corporate weed. My old boss is hoping that he can see a modicum of success if he gets his foot in the door early on. But it’s not as easy as he once thought, even if you have ample money on hand. One thing he wasn’t thinking about was the type of facilities he would need for a large cannabis cultivation operation. He couldn’t just grow marijuana in a huge warehouse without proper air conditioning and ventilation. If he wanted to operate large commercial grow rooms, he would have to find a climate controlled facility or retrofit a building without heating and cooling. In either case, the costs are nothing to scoff at. I think he finally found a building that is within his budget, now he just needs to coordinate with an HVAC contractor to improve the climate control facilities inside the old warehouse. It’s going to be a fantastic grow operation if my old boss gets all of the details right.

Warehouse grow room design

Modular cultivation equipment for marijuana can be a worry-free option for growing

There’s a company in my home town that built prefabricated office modules for several decades.

  • Sometimes you have an empty building that has nothing in the way of rooms or electrical outlets.

Instead of having a contractor finish the inside of the building at custom-level prices, you can have this other company bring in pre-built office and cubicle units. They’re assembled inside and snap together almost like LEGO bricks. You can take a large empty room and fill it with small rooms and offices throughout while saving a huge chunk of cash that you’d otherwise have to pay your building contractor. These prefabricated office modules are affordable and look a lot better aesthetically than one may initially think. This company has been so successful in the office space market that it has now shifted much of its operations to create prefabricated indoor modules for the cannabis cultivation industry. Many marijuana grow companies buy large empty warehouses that need a plethora of varying accommodations just to get a single plant grown and harvested. You could pay someone to finish the inside of the building with otherwise permanent fixtures, or you can call the other company that specializes in modular cultivation equipment. These prefabricated modules include grow rooms with lights and irrigation systems, drying and curing rooms, as well as separate modules for offices and packing stations. You can get all of the necessities to start a large scale cultivation operation at a fraction of the cost. And since all of the equipment is modular, you can rearrange rooms at your heart’s content if you need to make adjustments at any point in the process.


Growing pot

Light rooms for marijuana growing can be simple and cheap or complex and expensive

My brother’s commercial lighting company has seen its ups and downs over the past 25 years. Before the housing market collapsed and we fell into a huge recession, he had a steadily growing business and increased profits year after year. His company supplied commercial lighting equipment to businesses of every kind, from restaurants to banks. Eventually he expanded to residential lighting as well and had one of the largest showrooms in the county. Just like the rest of us, he was affected negatively by the recession. He had to cut his staff back by 60% and was trying to prevent a death spiral as he subsequently lost customers as well. If you saw my brother’s business today, you’d be surprised to hear that he nearly closed his doors completely just 10 years ago. Now he is one of the biggest suppliers of high performance grow lights for both personal and commercial grow operations. It doesn’t matter if you need a marijuana light room in your house or one to fit a huge multi-story building, his business has you covered. You can’t skimp on lighting if you want to grow quality cannabis plants. You can buy grow boxes and grow cabinets, but if you want a larger crop it might be a good idea to invest in a light room as you’ll produce more cannabis in the same amount of time. It’s great to see my brother’s business doing so well, as it wasn’t clear whether he’d make it out of his rough patch when the global economy collapsed. It just goes to show how incredible the cannabis industry has become.


Marijuana growing kit

I have a prescription.

Okay; so last week I got a prescription for the legal use of marijuana.

I looked up where the local cannabis dispensary was and I was devastated to realize how far it was from my home.

They had a customer service number on their website and I decided to give it a call. I told them my name, address, and all of the information on the prescription. They asked me if I was able to take a picture of the prescription and text it to them. Ten minutes later, I received a phone call back. They were going to email a long list of what different types of marijuana I could benefit from. They told me to pick and choose what I wanted. They even offered to send me out samples to try before I put out a huge sum of money. I wondered how I was going to pick up the marijuana samples. He told me that the samples would be delivered and after getting them, I could ask the young woman all the questions. The marijuana dispensary sent a young woman to my house. She even showed her ID and credentials before giving me the bag. She told me how to use the gummies and other items that were in the bag. She offered to sit with me while I tried it. When I asked if she didn’t need to get back to the dispensary, she told me she was doing her job. She made me feel so much more comfortable in trying marijuana for the first time.

Indica products

They seem to be on every corner.

It seems that whenever our state holds meetings, the discussion ultimately turns to the legalization of marijuana.

They had already made it legal to sell and use CBD without any kind of prescriptions and it was being sold in pharmacies and grocery stores.

Lately, I have been seeing ‘smoke’ shops popping up on nearly every corner. It really surprised that people were so bold with their selling of the CBD. I knew it was part of marijuana, and I thought it would also be withheld from sale until the state passed a law on marijuana legalization. I decided to find out what the difference was between CBD and THC, the part of the marijuana plant that can cause the ‘high’. CBD and THC are both major parts of marijuana. The CBD is the substance that can help in healing and have other medicinal effects. The THC can also have medicinal effects, but it will also give what some people call a buzz. I decided to go into the smoke shop and see what all they offered. There was an old man there that was more than happy to help me out with his products. At first he tried to sell me some cigars, but I shyly told him I wanted some CBD for migraines.. I couldn’t believe how many different products he had in that store. He quickly showed me the gummies he had that had CBD and he said it would be excellent for someone who suffered from migraine. He instructed me on how to use the CBD and cautioned me about using too much. Although the CBD wouldn’t cause me to get high, he said it often made people sick to their stomach if they used too much.
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