I quit buying marijuana oils after the dispensaries raised their prices

I hate it when a store raises its prices on a product that you want. The grocery store I frequent does this regularly with random items on the shelves. I live with and help my disabled mother on a day to day basis, including all grocery shopping and pharmacy pickups. She likes this special kind of water that has minerals and alkaline in it to improve on taste. It’s probably the best tasting water for those with a discerning taste, but its price is also all over the place at local stores. Sometimes it’s as cheap as $4.50 for a pack of bottles, while other times it’s as much as $6.99. Unless you make a point to look at the price tag every single time, you’d likely not notice the massive price change. This actually happened with one of my favorite dispensaries. I have been using cannabis distillate oil primarily, despite the high price. There was one dispensary where it was affordable, but one day the company raised their prices by 15% without any word or explanation. When I called to ask what was going on, they simply said that was their new price for cannabis distillate oil. I can’t believe that they made this huge pricing change. Now I will have to go back to using only cannabis flower products, because it looks like that’s all I’m going to afford for the near future. At least I still have access to cannabis, that I can say for sure. I just wish I could use the products that work the best with my body, regardless of the prices.

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Cash is the only accepted form of currency at the marijuana businesses in my state

Years ago I quit carrying cash on-hand as a form of currency.

I got a debit card and several credit cards and never looked back.

I probably haven’t written a check at the grocery store since well before 2010. This is why I am always shocked when I see someone using this archaic form of payment, but who am I to judge how other people organize and spend their money? Personally, I find cards to be the most convenient form of all, especially now that most of us have cell phones with internet access and apps for our banking needs. No matter where I’m located, as long as I have internet access, I can check my bank account balance and make transfers if I need to. As much as I prefer cards over any other form of payment, I have now met my foil with the legal marijuana stores in the state. Because cannabis is not yet federally legal, the national banks do not like dealing with cannabis companies in any state, minus a few exceptions. If I want to buy my marijuana products from the cannabis dispensaries in my state, I have to always have cash on hand or get cash from the bank on my way to the dispensary. It’s frustrating for a person who felt like they had finally rid themselves of handling paper money ever again. Everything about my purchase experience makes me feel safe in the face of COVID except the cash exchanged at the point of sale. I have to put it in a separate pocket and sanitize my hands after touching it.

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Some of the cannabis dispensary workers have more expertise than others

It’s always helpful to have a server at a restaurant that knows the menu.

If you’re new to a particular restaurant, this is often the only way you can determine what dish you’d like to select.

If I’m at a far east Asian style restaurant, whether it’s Wietnamese, Thai, or Korean food, I want an idea of what most patrons like the best. There are often so many choices of delicious food as well, making the choice even harder. If a kind server can give me a few recommendations to run with, it’s an immense help. Of course, this isn’t just limited to restaurants or places where I’m buying food. Now that our state has legal recreational marijuana dispensaries, I shop at as many that are within driving distance to get the best deals and prices. It doesn’t matter what cannabis dispensary I shop at, some workers know more than others. The people behind the counter are often referred to as budtenders, and many of them are extremely knowledgeable. They’ll know the ins and outs of the strains available on the menu, especially the genetic lineage, whether it’s a sativa, hybrid, or indica, and what kind of disease or ailments the strain is good at treating. Unfortunately, there are always employees that care little about understanding any of this information. They’ll point to the label if I ask them what I can expect from what I’m buying. Often I’m trying a new marijuana product I haven’t had before and I’d like a tiny bit of advice before I pull the trigger. Cannabis dispensary products aren’t cheap and it’s not too much to ask to have knowledgeable employees that care.

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My doctor gives me the freedom to enjoy many different kinds of cannabis products

I am fortunate that I have had the same family practitioner since I was a kid.

He’s a great physician and has always prescribed me whatever medications I needed without pushback.

Some doctors balk at diagnoses from physicians they don’t know or approve of personally. But, that’s not the case with my doctor. When I was dealing with severe mental health issues in college, he encouraged me to see a psychiatrist and accepted the diagnosis I received. And best of all, when my psychiatrist quit accepting my insurance, he agreed to prescribe all of the drugs I was getting from the psych. He’s a phenomenal doctor, but I was still worried that he would object to me getting a cannabis recommendation from another doctor. But not only was he encouraging to me when I brought up the subject, he also encouraged me to try all of the products available at the cannabis dispensaries. Some doctors will restrict what form of ingestion a medical marijuana patient can use. It can be oral consumption by swallowing a pill or edible, some form of inhalation like vaporizing and smoking, and transdermal which involves skin creams, balms and patches. He told me that I should try as many products as I can afford so that I can find what works best. Regardless of whether or not something is a sativa strain or an indica strain, he said to give every individual product a chance. One strain might not work as well as another, especially if I’m treating mental health issues primarily. With his advice, I hope to find effective medicines within the world of medical cannabis and the dispensaries that carry them.

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Many states will finally have legal cannabis dispensaries after the recent election

I think I can speak for everyone when I saw this recent election has proved to be both stressful and emotional for everyone invested. Regardless of your chosen candidates across the spectrum, there were laws being voted on in a number of states that poised to have huge impacts on society at large. My state has spent so many years with a stagnant minimum wage of $7.50, but now voters have approved an initiative that will raise it $1 each year until it hits $15. This could change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. It is no small leap of progress, that is to be sure. But the social improvements haven’t stopped there. We’re now seeing the biggest expansion of legal cannabis that we’ve seen in history. Most states either have medical marijuana, recreational, or both. For those who were still feeling left out while the rest of the country was enjoying legal marijuana, they can finally have access to clean and safe cannabis at last. As more dispensaries open in each state, the cost of legal marijuana goes down. I can’t think of any negative impacts of opening access to safe and legal cannabis, aside from the perspective of a crime lord making millions on the illegal black market. I hope that marijuana becomes federally legal as soon as possible. There needs to be standardization across the board with no states left out of the process. We also need to make it legal for marijuana companies to safely store their money with national banking chains to avoid endangering security staff who guard large safes of cash.


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The high THC content in cannabis distillate oil helps with my depression

It’s frustrating when you reluctantly agree to try a new pharmaceutical medication, only to be disappointed with a lack of results. I spent years refusing to try any mental health medications, regardless of what kind. I thought that they would rewire my brain and change my mental processes for the worst, and even if I got some relief it wouldn’t be worth the cost. I’m glad that I was totally wrong. I tried half a dozen different antidepressant drugs, and I didn’t particularly like the effects I got from any of them, but none of them had any last effects, especially negative. Instead, they helped a little, which is much more than I expected. As such, I didn’t want to throw in the towel while trying various medications. Unfortunately, the SSRI meds didn’t work well with my brain chemistry. However, a neuropathy drug called gabapentin that is used off-label as a mood stabilizer, worked wonders. Finally, I felt some sense of stability with my day to day psychology. But the best form of relief came when I tried a cannabis concentrate one day that my friend had on hand. We live in a state that has both medical marijuana dispensaries and legal recreational cannabis stores. Most shop in the recreational stores because it costs more to keep a medical card. This cannabis concentrate turned out to be cannabis distillate oil, which has a massively high THC content compared to cannabis flower products. For the first time, I felt all of my depression simply melt away. Now I’m using it daily to marvelous effects. I love cannabis distillate oil and the mental health relief it gives me.



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Many cannabis concentrates are temperature sensitive and easily melt

I hate trying to buy ice cream during the summer months.

I used to put the carton straight into a grocery bag, but half of it would melt on the way home.

Putting it in a paper bag helped, but soon I realized I’d need to sandwich the ice cream container in between two other cold grocery items. But when that only added a slight improvement, I realized I should combine both approaches. I got a small lunch box sized cooler and put two cold drinks from my fridge inside so I could sandwich the ice cream in between. This finally did the trick. Using these coolers for all cold and perishable food is a good idea, especially if you have a long drive home. The last thing you want is raw chicken spoiling in your car as you make your way back to your house. I also buy cannabis products that are temperature sensitive, mainly concentrates like distillate, shatter, wax, rosin, hashish, and crumble. Some of these products will melt at temperatures higher than 75 degrees, making a mess in the container they’re sold inside. Other concentrates like distillate oil and shatter get extremely hard and brittle at cold temperatures. This is perfect with shatter, because at that temperature you can often get a clean break when you go to snap a small piece off. With a distillate syringe, if the product is too cold, it won’t squeeze out no matter how hard you try. You have to warm it either with a low powered heat gun, a lighter held at a distance, or in warm water. If you get it warm without getting it too hot, the high THC cannabis distillate will flow freely out of the syringe.

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I had no idea there were so many marijuana products for sale in my state

Things weren’t so easy for early medical marijuana patients in the state I was last living in.

Everyone voted for a law that would give patients access to natural marijuana to smoke or vaporize, but for two years the only products available were scant. They had tinctures, oils, capsules, and vaporizer cartridges containing high THC distillate. But if you wanted cannabis flower products, you were sorely disappointed. It took activists in the state two years to get the laws changed allowing for whole-plant dry cured cannabis flower buds to be available to all medical marijuana patients. When I moved to my current state, I assumed that its medical marijuana program would be facing similar pitfalls. There are a lot of the same kind of politicians ruling at our state’s capital as there were where I lived last. I wanted to finally get a medical marijuana recommendation so I could shop at the cannabis dispensaries. The first thing I did was find a licensed physician who is given permission by the state to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. The process was easier than I expected; and when I asked him about the kinds of products available in the state, I was amazed by his response. He said that we have tinctures, oils, skin creams, capsules, vape cartridges, concentrates like shatter and hashish, flower products, and edibles. The cannabis dispensaries here offer almost all of the same products to our state’s medical marijuana patients as the recreational states out west. I was beyond excited to visit the cannabis dispensary for the first time. Since there are so many first-time patient coupons from store to store, I’m going to have a blast trying it all.

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No more anxiety attacks in this life

My life has felt like a single long, blistering grind up until recently, to be honest with you.

There were too various times to count when it took all I had just to get up out of bed and go to work.

The task I have is super stressful and the afternoons are often filled with argument and muffled anger. Some great environment to spend a minimum of 11 hours a day in. My life was beginning to unravel when my partner bought CBD products online to try and help me out. The first time I took the CBD oil, I slept soundly and through the night, and that was amazing. This was something that I hadn’t done in years. I continued with using the CBD products and realized that maybe my approach to life was actually all wrong. After various discussions with my partner, both of us decided to stop what we were doing and sort of make a wholesale change in our lifestyle. The youngsters are happily in school and our financial security is pretty set. So, I decided to take a long leave of absence to embrace a more healthy, positive and holistic bi-weekly life. Honestly, I can tell you that it genuinely saved my life. Not only did I radically change my diet but I also finally began to embrace recreational cannabis. My partner has used it some throughout her entire adult life to help her manage anxiety. I was just too tied up to have any interest. Now I realize that I was always really missing out. Partaking in recreational cannabis has given me a far much more calm and positive outlook. I have also found that I have a passion for so much more than making currency. The holistic approach to life has allowed me to ultimately shed a downside persona in favor of a much more fair and kind life.

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Things are looking up with weed

My life would be the entire picture of an unhappy average I suppose.

It’s a life that wasn’t guided by passion and best intentions in my life.

The fact is that I was mostly pushed and took the path of least resistance every day. I don’t believe this was as much of a conscious option as it was a single of modeling and convenience. And, it’s not like it was all bad. I raised some great little youngsters with a woman who was a lovely mother. My job has been a constant if not a massive whiz bang success. You know, I really had an entirely unhappy and average existence. I’m not complaining. But now that my horde of children is grown and that marriage is over, I decided to try something new. I discovered a brand new legal weed store near me and went inside. Recreational weed was definitely something I only got to try however a few times in my youth, as most did. But now that there is legal weed, I decided to give it a try as a section of a more holistic lifestyle that I am currently embracing later in life. All I can say is that I wish I had known more about the use of recreational marijuana sooner. The legal weed store was amazing. It honestly must have been evident that I knew zero about recreational cannabis. The kind workers at the legal cannabis dispensary were eager to help introduce me to the right type of mellow recreational pot. And they sure did. They started me out with something that was a touch on the milder side however it sure did the trick. I’m much more at ease in my life when using recreational marijuana.

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