I can't change the rules or make exceptions

Once in a while, I’ll have a problem with a customer at the cannabis dispensary.

It doesn’t happen very frequently, because most of my customers are in a very good mood.

We also try to make the cannabis dispensary buying experience a fun and pleasant time. All of our budtenders are usually very upbeat and friendly and they really do their best to help each customer have a great experience in our store. Tuesday, my top sales girl had a problem with a customer and I heard the lady screaming at the top of her lungs. I have an office in the back of the store. I had the door closed so I could concentrate on making the next week’s schedule. I heard the screaming through the door and down the hallway. I got up from my chair so I could check on the commotion. The customer was yelling at my sales girl because she didn’t have any room left on her prescription to get more cannabis. The customer and every single medical cannabis patient is allowed to have 2 ounces of marijuana every 70 days. When that amount has been dispensed, the patient must wait until the following month. It’s the same law that pharmacies follow for filling all prescriptions. We cannot change the law, so the customer yelling wasn’t going to solve the problem. I tried to reason with the lady. I even offered her a deal on concentrate, but we eventually ended up escorting her from the building. She yelled and screamed the whole way to her car.


I’m not going to complain the wrong order

When the delivery driver came with our order, my best friend quickly shuttled the guy out the door with a tip

My roommate wanted to order some things from the cannabis dispensary, but they don’t offer free delivery unless you order $200 worth of merchandise. My roommate wanted me to order some items so he would qualify for free delivery. He also had a coupon for 20% off the purchase if we spent $200. I couldn’t think of a good reason not to buy marijuana products, so I agreed to spend $100. I purchased a gram of marijuana concentrate. I decided to buy shatter instead of crumble. I bought some crumble last time my friend and I bought marijuana products from the dispensary and I was really unhappy with the consistency. It was loose and fella apart quickly. It was almost impossible to vape without inhaling the pieces. I also purchased a full gram disposable indica vape pen and a quarter ounce of GG#4. After the coupon we both got a pretty good deal on our items. We waited an hour for the delivery driver, but I didn’t mind. I was busy playing video games on the PS5 I just got for my birthday. When the delivery driver came with our order, my best friend quickly shuttled the guy out the door with a tip. I asked him if he was in a hurry and then he showed me the bag. It had twice as much stuff as we ordered and he didn’t want the driver to realize the mistake. I didn’t want to lie or be dishonest, but the delivery driver did leave the bag and walk away from our apartment.


Who can get a medical cannabis card

Medical cannabis contains chemical compounds that are naturally found in the plant. Since medical marijuana is not federally legal, each state has their own unique rules and legislation. These laws help define who can sell and use medical cannabis. There are a few common qualifying conditions like epilepsy, seizure disorders, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. Many states with medical marijuana laws allow conditions such as these. Advanced stage HIV, chronic pain, and debilitating diseases like Parkinsons are also usually on every state’s list of approved reasons for using medical cannabis.As more and more states begin to legalize cannabis, the list of qualifying patients will continue to grow. Eventually it will be recognized legally all over the country. I hope what will happen in the next four years. I live in a state where medical cannabis is legal and there is a very long list of qualifying conditions. Even though this list is long and exhaustive, there is still a rule that states a doctor can prescribe medical cannabis if they feel it is necessary. That means that any condition could be deemed qualifying by a healthcare professional. I suffer from terrible anxiety and OCD. The daily use of marijuana has helped ease a lot of the symptoms that I feel every day. These symptoms used to keep me from living a full and productive life, but now I function normally in society thanks to medical cannabis. It really should be deemed a miracle drug because it has so many uses in medicine. What other drug can help with so many ailments? Marijuana can treat pain, nausea, anxiety, OCD, and even cancer.

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When Joe is out of weed, everyone is on alert

Joe is my best friend and I absolutely love the guy. We have been friends since college. We ended up living in the same dormitory. We weren’t roommates, but we were on the same floor. We played video games together and posted nightly poker tournaments. When Joe and I were in college, we smoked a lot of pot. We went to college in a state where cannabis was legal for recreational use so almost everyone on campus smoked pot. I stopped smoking pot when I got a job at the bank, but Joe still uses recreational marijuana. When that guy is out of weed, everyone is on alert. I know that a lot of people don’t say that marijuana is addictive, but Joe acts like an addict when he is out of weed. He is cranky, mean, and nasty. I think cannabis controls his inner demons and anxiety. Without pot, he doesn’t care about personal hygiene or work performance. Joe without weed is a scary guy. One time after college, Joe decided to stop smoking weed for a month so he could get a job with a swanky IT firm. The place loved him and they hired him on the spot. He had to stay clean to keep the job, because they had random drug tests. He stayed clean for 46 days in total, before he was ready to jump off the deep end. He thought about checking himself into the mental hospital. He couldn’t sleep or eat and he was fighting with his girlfriend all the time. Seriously, the guy needs to smoke weed to stay mentally balanced.




Blue Dream and OG Kush are two of my favorite cannabis strains of all time

When I was growing up, my favorite food was always the same.

It didn’t matter when you asked me, or what kind of mood I was in at the time, I’d always say pizza.

I could have just finished eating an entire pizza by myself and I would have still said that my favorite food was pizza. Although I like all sorts of topping combinations on pizzas, ham and pineapple are my favorite. Pineapple on pizza is a love and hate type of thing for most people. Either you love it on pizza like I do, or you absolutely hate and detest the thought of getting anywhere near a pizza with a pineapple slice. Pizza is still one of my favorite foods of all time, but right now I prefer a good bowl of chicken soup. My feelings toward specific cannabis strains change as time goes on as well. I used to love White Widow and Purple Kush more than any other strains of cannabis. My college friends and I were all obsessed with White Widow back in the day because it was an exotic strain that we got once or twice a year if we were lucky. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still enjoy Whie Widow cannabis if you gave it to me, but my preferences have changed in the years since college. Right now my two favorite cannabis strains are Blue Dream and OG Kush. There are so many special strains of cannabis available right now, but I still like these two classics. Although Blue Dream and OG Kush are hybrid strains of cannabis, they have different effects. Blue Dream is more cerebral while OG Kush is more relaxing and calming. Thankfully I have no trouble finding either at the cannabis dispensaries near my apartment.

Cannabis dispensary menu

The dispensary had several sativa strains available for flower buds

I was so happy that the grocery store finally restocked my favorite coffee.

I’m a avid coffee drinker because of my busy work schedule.

Some of my daily medications give me fatigue as a regular side effect, so retaining my energy from start to finish is harder than it might be for someone else. I get so tired that I’m throwing back cups of coffee all day so I can just keep up with the rest of society. As a result of my constant coffee drinking, I’ve tried an unbelievable number of coffee varieties. I used to have a coffee grinder and I’d buy fresh beans to grind at home. I still do this on occasion, but as crazy as this might sound, I prefer instant coffee now. And not just any variety of instant coffee, but specifically this product that comes directly from Columbia. It’s cheap instant coffee, but the flavor is smooth and the caffeine effects are strong but not anxiety inducing at the same time. Whenever the store is out of my favorite coffee, I get extremely worried. I try to buy more than one jar at a time in case this is ever an issue. I wish I could do that with my favorite cannabis flower products, but the cost is too high. Right now I subsist on mainly sativa strains of cannabis flower buds because I use them throughout the daytime hours while I work. The stimulating sativas combine with my coffee and the two modulate one another, giving me energy, calmness, and focus all at the same time. I was so excited this morning when I got to the cannabis dispensary and they told me there were several sativa strains available in flower bud jars.
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I have to buy pre-rolled joints when the dispensary is out of cannabis flower products

I hate it when stores are constantly out of stock with products that you always buy.

The grocery store in my city that I frequent the most has amazing fried chicken in their deli department.

This is some of the highest rated fried chicken in the entire state, even when factoring in family restaurants that have made it from scratch for generations. Whatever it is that they put in the breading with their seasoning mix is absolutely top notch. Understandably, I am not the only person who loses their mind when eating this store’s fried chicken. I get off work at the same time as everyone else in this city it seems, because the fried chicken is always gone when I get there around 5:30pm. It seems like their supply of fried chicken is low regardless of what day of the week you happen to be looking. I found a direct corollary to this with the medical cannabis dispensaries where I shop. From ancient days until the present, cannabis flower products seem to have always been the most popular marijuana products on average among all groups of people. There’s something amazing about cutting a plantling and dry curing the flower buds for a few weeks before dropping a piece into a glass pipe. It’s the purest and most unadulterated form of cannabis, especially at the dispensaries where I shop. Sadly, they often tell me they’re out of stock of jars of cannabis flower buds. They have pre-rolled joints that I’ll buy in a pinch, but you pay more per gram of flower product that way though. I’ll buy a pre-rolled joint if I have to, but I empty them into another container so I can work through the flower much slower. I just wish the dispensaries would carry more cannabis flower products.

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I purchased three different kinds of cannabis edibles at the dispensary yesterday

I don’t have the money to try new things all of the time.

If I’m offered a free-sample of a $5 pie and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever tasted, there’s a remote chance I might buy the pie.

But I can’t risk $5 on something I might not like. I bought a $7 rotisserie chicken from the grocery store deli last night on my way home from work. The last rotisserie chicken I bought from this store was delicious, and I even used the leftover bones to make soup stock. It was a fantastic chunk of meat considering how bad the one was that I got last night. I tried to return it to the store for a refund, but the manager refused it. That’s not an insignificant amount of money by any means, so when I was at the cannabis dispensary, I was trying to spend as little as possible. I could waste my money on expensive cannabis concentrates like live rosin and wax badder, but then I wouldn’t have enough money left each month to pay my bills. Typically I get cannabis flower products for the cheapest price that I can find. If one dispensary isn’t having a sale at any given moment, another cannabis dispensary often does. Yesterday I was at the cannabis dispensary, but I wasn’t looking for flower products. Instead, I wanted to get cannabis edibles. I bought marijuana gummies, brownies, and capsules. I take them in the morning before work and it helps me get through the most stressful periods of the day for me. The marijuana dispensary was having a sale on edibles and I was able to get everything for 50% off the normal store price.


Cannabis edibles

Most medical marijuana companies operate large scale grow rooms to meet demand

The legal marijuana industry has changed drastically over the past 15 years.

When California became the first state in the country to approve a legal medical marijuana market, people from all walks of life became business owners in the burgeoning industry.

You didn’t necessarily need boatloads of cash just to get started in the medical marijuana market. Dispensaries could buy products from multiple growers, and you could stick to growing cannabis without ever having to operate your own store fronts at that same time. It didn’t take long for this business model to be consumed by the present one. Nowadays many states require that all medical and recreational cannabis companies operate from seed to sale. They have to grow and sell weed both if they want a stake in either end of the production line. This creates a huge financial hurdle for anyone wanting to start a marijuana business of their own, and it’s not uncommon to find these companies being started by groups of investors instead of by a single person. Once you’re operating at this level, it’s a game to keep up with demand without being overtaken by your competition. These marijuana companies have to operate large scale grow rooms that could fit department stores inside if they wish to meet the demand from the market in their respective state. These large scale grow rooms need to be climate controlled and remote controlled both. You need proper ventilation and lightning, along with the ability to control these processes remotely from another location in the event of a natural disaster. If a hurricane blows through and you need to get employees off site, you have to retain control of the facility from another.

Grow rooms

I purchased a turn-key growing kit from a reputable company

I hate getting burned by unethical sellers when making online purchases of any kind.

For many of us, our experiences with shady online sellers started with Ebay.

Although they’ve made serious strides in recent years to protect buyers, things weren’t always like this. I had two separate bad experiences on Ebay back when it was first launched. I remember ordering a rare CD from a seller in the United Kingdom. I waited three weeks worth of overseas shipping only to receive a box with rocks in it. Once I signed back into Ebay to make a claim, his account had vanished. I doubt you’d ever experience something like this in today’s world, but this wasn’t rare two decades ago. As much as I hated the experience, it taught me to be careful with whatever online merchants that I decide to do business with. My best friend needed a turn-key growing kit for cannabis and was looking all over the internet for a supplier. I have my own turn-key grow box and kit that I purchased from a highly reputable marijuana growing supplies company. My friend argued that he could find the same equipment for much cheaper, and despite my warnings he purchased a kit from a fly by night company. He was burned with terrible supplies and unusable nutrients, making the whole marijuana growing kit worthless. When he tried to get his money back, the website had been taken down. He has filed a claim with his credit card company, but we’ll see where that leads him. Now he wishes he had bought the same turn-key cannabis growing kit as I did.


Cannabis extraction solutions